Custom Foot Orthotics

What are Custom Foot Orthotics?

Custom foot orthotics deliver biomechanical and accommodative support to:

Orthotic Alignment

  • Absorb and distribute shock and ground reaction force
  • Relieve pain and stress on the foot
  • Help the foot function better biomechanically
  • Align the body and prevent postural distorion
  • Accommodative orthotics protect the Neuropathic foot

Patients tell us that they love our Orthotics  because at Island Pedorthic FootCare our Orthotics are: prescription orthotics

  • Total Contact Casted to the foot to spread out bodyweight (like a snowshoe)
  • Custom made by skilled and knowledgeable Pedorthists
  • Made specifically for foot dysfunction, biomechanical complaints and body weight
  • Fitted precisely into shoes for better overall orthotic results
  • Fully adjustable
  • 100% guaranteed and refundable

Who Needs Custom Orthotics?

Once you are assessed by our Certified Pedorthists, trained exclusively in foot and lower-limb biomechanics, we will see if you are suffering from a condition that requires Functional Orthotics to correct Biomechanics, Gait and Foot Deformities.  Or you need Accommodative Orthotics for Neuropathy, Diabetes, Arthritis and other conditions requiring protection and support.  Assessing exactly what each person needs is an involved process that requires a thorough understanding of the relationship of your feet to the rest of your body and your overall health.

These are common conditions for Custom Foot Orthotics:

Orthotic Alignment... (1)