Dr Katia Langton, Certified Pedorthist, DC

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Dr. Katia Langton, Certified Pedorthist, DC, Certified and specialized in Lower Extremity Amputation Prevention and Comprehensive Management and Treatment of the Neuropathic Foot.

I speak internationally on the prevention and treatment of debilitating foot complications, the global pandemic of Diabetes, peripheral neuropathy and Diabetic foot disease. Loss of protective sensation, coupled with limited joint mobility and foot deformities, leads to a predictable pattern and outcome. The path to ulceration, Charcot Arthropathy and amputation is largely preventable, but little understood by health care practitioners, patients and patient and decision makers.

My goal is to raise awareness of the need for a paradigm shift in the understanding and treatment of high risk feet through comprehensive assessments, foot screenings and treatment to prevent foot complications. All Diabetic patients should have regular foot screenings at least once per year and more frequently, if necessary, based on their risk category.

Preventative off-loading will reduce the number of ulcerations and foot complications we will see in the future. We need systematic adherence to best practice guidelines, nationally and internationally in order to reduce overall costs and make health care sustainable in the future as this disease progresses on a global level.

Available to speak at relevant local and international conferences. Most recently speaking at the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association’s national assembly September 2014.

Previous Engagements:

– APMA – July 2015: 

Dr Katia Langton

Dr. Katia Langton was honored to present at the American Podiatric Medical Association/Pedorthic Footcare Association Combined Meeting in Orlando Florida on the 24th July 2015.  Her presentation “Diabetes, The Next Global Pandemic” was very well received and the message was heard loud and clear.  Without a focus on early intervention and preventative foot care and preventative off-loading; we will not be able to deal with the staggering numbers and cost of treating Diabetic foot disease in the future.  For an overview of the presentation please follow this link.

Upcoming Engagements:

– AOPA – October 2015: