Orthopaedic Footwear; is designed to enhance the function of the foot orthotic and to protect the foot.

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Features Include:

  • Extra width in the toe box to accommodate forefoot dysfunction
  • Soft leathers to mold around foot deformities
  • Extra depth to accommodate a Custom Orthotic
  • Can be modified with a Rigid-Rocker Sole to help with mobility and un-weight areas of painful/sensory loss in the foot
  • Seamless to protect the Neuropathic foot


You may be recommended with a Rigid Rocker Modification to the Orthopaedic shoe.

The outer sole is removed, corset metal stays added, the rocker is added and the sole replaced.  The Rigid Rocker sole will replace the flexion at the toes in order to un-weight or off-load peak pressure areas of the foot or painful areas of the foot.

Covered by Employers Extended Health, Social Services, DVA, etc