Who We Are

  • We are Certified Pedorthists and Registered Nurses trained in Foot Care.Nanaimo Foot Care
  • Knowledgeable and experienced staff
  • Qualified to provide prescription Orthopaedic footwear
  • Provider of prescription Custom Foot Orthotics for 17 years
  • Certified in Comprehensive Treatment and Management of the Neuropathic Foot (most commonly Diabetes)
  • Certified in Lower Extremity Amputation Prevention
  • Certified in Completion for the Canadian Association of Wound Care Educational Program
  • Approved provider for Employer Extended Benefits, Department of Veteran Affairs and Social Services
  • Direct billing available for assessments, treatments and devices dependent on Insurance carrier

Click the image to read Dr. Katia Langton’s article published in O&P Almanac November 2014:

Global Pandemic

What’s a Certified Pedorthist?

gait analysis

A Board Certified Pedorthist is a specialist in assessing lower-limb skeletal alignment, biomechanical movement patterns, general foot function and how the feet interact with the rest of the body. Pedorthist professionals are educated and trained  in foot anatomy and pathology, biomechanics, shoe construction and modification, foot orthosis fabrication and materials,  and in fitting orthopaedic footwear.   We use devices such as Custom Foot Orthotics, Orthopaedic footwear and rigid Rocker shoe modifications for the purpose of treating and preventing debilitating conditions related to foot and lower-limb function.

What is a Foot Care Nurse?

foot massageNursing foot care is a highly specialized, professional service provided by Registered Nurses.

  • Foot assessment and Diabetic foot exams
  • Nail cutting and filing
  • Corn and callus care
  • Skin care
  • Foot education – do’s and don’ts to safely take care of your feet and nails
  • Advice on products (foot cream, padding, proper footware, etc.)

And the benefits?

  • Prevents or treats calluses, corns, and ingrown toenails
  • Assists with foot related symptoms for Diabetes and arthritis
  • Improves circulation, mobility, and muscle performance
  • Reduces risk of foot infection through ongoing education

What Our Patients Have To Say

Peter (Age 46) 
“After wearing the orthotics for only two weeks; I have no more pain on the balls of my feet. Completely gone – my feet feel great! First time ever that my feet are not tired at the end of the day after being on my feet all day for work.”

Steve (Age 73) 
“I am 73 and walk between 3000 and 4000 km per year. This puts a great deal of wear and tear on my feet and legs. I was experiencing some pain in my feet and legs and met with the people at Harbour City Chiropractic. They found some deterioration in my feet and recommended custom orthotics. I have been using them for several months now and have had no further problems with my feet or legs. I recommend these products for anyone suffering similar problems.”